Reflecting on the “human rights watcher” guy

Originally posted on the Leftist Critic blog on Feb 19, 2016.

There is one troll and/or deluded person on the twitterverse called the “human rights watcher.” This post aims to point out his delusions, his connections to broader forces of the Celebrity Left, and give more of an overview.

My conversation with Garry

It all started when this Human Rights Watcher, with the abbreviation being the same as the supposed human rights organization named Human Rights Watch (HRW), with the twitter handle GarryR10 smeared a comrade. He claimed that Emma Quangel (EQ), along with RedKahina (RK), was rich and had a “fat” bank account. [1] How he would know this information is beyond me, hence what he was saying is just pure conjecture and arguably makes him a “fascist stalker” as @kazahann (Karen) tweeted in response. GarryR10 later laughably claimed that Karen would have lawyers go after him and that “you piss on Russian graves with your cultist fantasies.” Yikes. I jumped right into this conversation, being a good comrade and ally, wondering where this guy was going. After criticizing his response to Karen, I said that I didn’t know who he was working for with such wacky statements, which I still agree with but will expound on later in this article. Others rightfully poked at his response (see here and here) and said that he sounded mad.

GarryR10’s didn’t get any better. He claimed that Karen was of the “type” that the Russian people kicked “out of their government as fast as they could” and said this was “probably with good reason.” I’m still not sure what “type” of person he is thinking of or what he really isn’t talking about, but this was obviously odd and problematic to say the least. That’s not all. He claimed that he wouldn’t trust American communists again because he apparently hadn’t met “or seen a single one who was not a hoarder themselves & millions starve.” [2] This wacky statement sounds almost like a statement out of anti-communist propaganda and is more like what actions a capitalist would take. I guess that coincidence isn’t a surprise since he claimed that EQ would not be harmed by the doxing, which is utterly preposterous. [3]

This is only the tip of the iceberg. He almost creepily claimed that those who criticize Crabapple don’t donate to causes, and that such critics seem “like a clique based in NYC, pretending to be a “communist party”” and “obsess” over Molly Crabapple (MC), a statement to which he provided no evidence at all. [4] Clearly this indicated that she, MC, should be left alone to which he responded by claiming that critics of Crabapple started the feud “with Crabapple & Vice, after they gave you an opportunity to debate them fully” (he later claimed that this was fracturing the Left too) Before going on, I can say this is utterly false and is arguably historical revisionism. In the first iteration of my account, which I then called CrabappleWatch, I had planned to response to Crabapple as an informed critic and to learn what all the hullabaloo was about. After literally five tweets I was blocked by Crabapple. If she had really wanted to give “an opportunity” to debate her, then she wouldn’t have blocked me. That was not the case. As will be shown later, doxxing of critics has become the accepted method to “discredit” critics in the minds of Crabapple and co. All this is no surprise since Garry admitted, at one point, he would work for VICE even as he said that MC had her “own misguided view,” which is very telling.

I started to challenge Garry even more directly. I called him out on his supposed “exposure” of what he claimed was a “dumb clique,” saying point blank: “Dumb clique. What’s your problem?” His reason for saying this was that he apparently wanted people who criticize MC to “apologize and be better for it” even as he admitted that “I liked some of their points” but thought that “they hoard IMO.” In the same breath he called out MC critics, well-meaning comrades some whom he accused of having “fat bank accounts,” for supposedly not donating and saying that they should do research on “the best charities and funds.” Is he a walking advertisement for a humanitarian org. or philanthropy or what? Just wacky stuff. Of course, I responded by saying that “donation isn’t everything” and that he was being kooky (or acting like a spy).

Garry’s other tweets make him seem even more out there. He said that in “certain times of crisis or despair” the desires or  prudence for martial law was understandable, seemingly implying that he would support martial law under those circumstances. This tweet, which disturbed me, was followed by others such as one saying that he wasn’t communist because “images of Stalinist paranoia or torture” are apparently accepted. I really don’t know where he gets his information. But it almost sounds like the Black Book of Communism. Then he started to get really wacky. He claimed that people were neglecting their ethical duties by not giving aid (which is his big answer to poverty) and claimed the American people were responsible. His exact quotes were that the people of the United States are “accessories & beneficiaries of untold mass murder of the most vulnerable” and if they are shown the facts, “we can avoid further suffering while fully giving aid to the most vulnerable and innocent, desperate for education & opportunity.

I responded to Garry by saying that his statements were not a good start for activism and later said that this approach will make it hard to gain followers.He responded by saying that the “posts about EQ and MC” were apparently “a commentary in a way on American and Western leftist activism” and that their ethics are “typical.” Hmm, who would have thought that from someone who claimed that NO ONE in the United States cares about global starvation, meaning that people who are starving in this country don’t care about their own starvation, and that their ethics should be questioned. Still, he apparently cares about the one million Iraqis that died from the US invasion as this tweet seems to evidence but also supports the actions of Snowden which positions himself in a certain camp with certain types of people (Greenwald and co for example). This isn’t a surprise since he claims that MC and others have done “positive” work. What.

Then the tweets back and forth began. They started with Garry’s response to a tweet from humanitarian interventionist and current US representative to the UN, Samantha Power, a tweet which he claimed was “strange.” I commented on his tweet calling Power an imperialist snake. But it was not this that set off the conversation. [5] Instead it was a set of tweets in which he claimed: (1) stereotype of “Ugly American” is ignored, (2) he was skeptical of “global Wests,” and that millions of people apparently turn away UNICEF donations. I argued that UNICEF was only one organization of many, to which he barked back “Is this your excuse for a debate? I’m right here but it’s like you’re talking over my head” and that UNICEF is only one example. He apparently cares so much about global starvation that he said that Ken Roth had spooky posts and that the US didn’t have “moral fibre” on starvation. Uh huh. He later almost implied that we should be more critical of each other than the economic system with greed seemingly as an “incorrect” side effect instead of one that was intended. [6] Beyond this, he took a stand against factory farming, and is apparently a vegetarian, but in the grand scheme he barely talks about it. [7]

The true back and forth only started in earnest later on. He responded to my earlier tweets first and foremost. He claimed the EQ was Canadian (without evidence), didn’t donate anything, and implied she was a hoarder once again. In response to his “excuse for a debate” tweet I said that I was only trying to say that UNICEF was only one organization (and imply that he hadn’t mentioned any others). Also, in response to one tweet, I said that those living on $2 a day are not hoarders as it seemed he was implying, when I actually think in hindsight he was claiming that EQ was a hoarder again. Garry went even further and said that EQ didn’t donate an “ethical amount” to which I responded was basically irrelevant to her politics. In response to my tweet he went into wacko land and claimed three things: (1) in time some will recognize “the dire situation” of global starvation, (2) people in the West are greedy, and (3) that he has to get on a “base ethical level” when debating with “Wests,” including people like me. To (3) I responded by saying that he is wrong to think that “Wests” are dumb, arguing “some are but some aren’t.” I also responded to (3) by saying that I didn’t understand what he meant by “ethical level.” He responded to this by claiming that “USAs have shallow, bad ethics, thus, starvation” (I later said that this was too much of a generalization) and that by ethical level he meant “confronting the basic beliefs of what is right & wrong, & how a person should behave morally.” As for (2), I responded by saying the following: “there are people starving in the West too. Hence I wouldn’t say everyone in the West is greedy but some are.”

This is only the start. In another response to (2) I argued that the malnutrition in the world is a result of the capitalism, with him backing away from the word capitalism! I responded by saying that the word should still be used. Still he is a person who claims he he is neutral on abortion but agrees with the pro-choice side. Hence, he is NOT neutral on abortion. [8] Anyway, he is also the same person who claimed Samantha Power killed more in Africa than Hitler and is “dumb like [the] Nazis.” Those tweets, almost for shock value as I can see in retrospect, led to a long series of tweets. I responded by asking why she is the only one to blame in his mind. He responded by saying that she should resign because of global starvation. I responded to this by saying that she is a person who pushes humanitarian imperialism. In response to this, Garry argues that the US embassy may write her tweets and that she is reading from a script. He went even further and almost defended her despite he claim she is “or became a horrific mass murderer in my view,” claiming “she is actually in control of a huge embassy, plus shes twitter lonely” despite the fact she is clearly part of the foreign policy establishment. Instead of accepting this claim, he sidetracked, called her a useful tool of neocons and the US military (see here, here, and here), and had this strange tweet. He even thought that those who called the GOPers who signed the letter against the Iran deal “traitors” was irony when it really wasn’t. Later he said that the GOP was incompetent to which I reminded him the Dems were incompetent too. As the conversation chain came to an end he claimed he couldn’t debate with me anymore because I didn’t subscribe to his view that NO people in the US could be trusted on their ethics, calling them “ethnically hazardous.” In response I argued that: (1)”I don’t think Americans overall are “ethically hazardous.” I think like any people there are good, deep-seated values”; (2) “I’m aware that there’s a lot of fucked up stuff in America from a war machine, police killings, sexual violence, & so on”; (3) “I still have faith in Americans or Usians sure. Not sure what “America” constitutes anymore.” The last point was an opening to further conversation which he never explored. But his responses were clues for what was to come.

In a short conversation Garry claimed it was Power’s job to be on top of global starvation. In response I argued that “I don’t think a representative of an imperialist state would magically become more principled.” He fired back by saying it happened with Iraq but not now forgetting that that was a specific circumstance unlike what he describing. Before going on, I think it important to recognize that he seems to be emotionally/mentally unstable as these two tweets (see here and here) seem to indicate. Perhaps that is related, or not, to him calling a wacko Freemasonry video “excellent” despite his criticisms. He also started to get full of himself, liking his own tweets (also noted here and here) which is just bizarre. He even claimed that me calling her part of the foreign policy establishment was unfounded and that she resigned even though this was not the case, as I noted at the time. Then he kinda mocked me and my belief about Power with my response as follows: “Um, you can’t magically think you know what I believe.” Clearly the tension was being raised. He even claimed that Power was a “clownish millionaire” instead of an “imperialist mouthpiece” as I argued. In response to his argument that I hadn’t been engaging in a reasonable debate, I noted that I hadn’t called him any names and he claimed he was just talking about people of the United States as a whole instead, a view I still disagree with.

Herein starts a new thread. In a tweet I was responding to, likely when he said that the people of the United States didn’t care about starvation, I argued that such people support public assistance to the poor, and in response he cited FAO stats. I shot back saying that deaths from malnutrition are the result of capitalism and that giving money to a charity isn’t going to make them disappear (see here and here). He then tried to tell me what ethics was and claimed I was being snobbish when I questioned this. I responded by saying that the US capitalists had the real money, not the populace (see here, here, here, and here). He then cited the amount of US GDP despite the problematic nature of this measure along with claiming the median income was $53,000 which I later learned was wrong according to BLS stats (see here and here. He used this to argue that every person should give $1,000 to which I said would not solve the fundamental problems that cause malnutrition and incur other costs (see here and here). He then cited this NY Times piece once again saying that it would cost $30 billion to end the world food crisis, to which I said he should be pushing the US government to do it rather than the populace, a suggestion he roundly rejected, almost mocking me. He then went even further, making it seem that because people were not giving aid the way HE wanted they were committing genocide (a conspiracy) to which I said the capitalists are responsible, and he said it was “shameful” that I did not feel responsible. [9] I responded with a classic Sarah McLachlan commercial just to show his level of understanding.

Garry said things that were even more wacko. He claimed I had “grand plans” for starving people in the world without evidence and that the USA people don’t care. I countered this by saying that they do care, along with noting UNICEF funding, the former which he characterized as “rationalizing” their actions. It was in this tweet he claimed that I should face starvation so I can “learn” about it: “Disturbing how you try to rationalize their actions. I hope you have to face starvation, so you can learn how bad it is.” [10] What sick individual would wish that for someone? Gosh, what the heck is wrong with him? I later called him out on this, even saying that I was NOT rationalizing the actions of the US populace, and he claimed that he had little “faith that you will ever take or feel responsibility.” He went even further and said wackily that, and I quote, “You don’t care about the people starving now. It’s like bathing a cat simply trying to get you to admit that it happens.” Yikes. What in the world. As for characterizing me a snob, I can’t laugh enough at that and say that by his own standards his own ethics can be questioned (see here and here). When he went down his wacko way, I asked for help from my fellow comrades who helpfully gave me support. Garry continued on saying that there was an “epic situation” of global starvation, that I should blame myself for it and more. I responded by saying again that the capitalist system was more to blame, which he rejected and later called be partially delusional which implies that I should blame myself which I refuse to do. He later said that it is harsh to call me delusional but that “it’s about the life or torturous death of 9 million people every year.” Finally, after I blocked him he declared “not surprised to be blocked by yet ANOTHER person with an antagonistic hate-crush on Molly Crabapple. Sigh… Lol” despite the fact that I have been blocked by Crabapple since DAY ONE of my account and don’t have a “hate crush” but rather believe she should be criticized. Also what’s ridiculous is that the conversation was barely if at all all about Crabapple and he still tried to smear me with it. It’s just absurd.

Later, I said that the whole incident was like this Simpsons clip (along with this one and this one). After I soft-blocked him, I decided to fully block him for good after his wacky tweets, along with joking about it. For those like @africommunist who said Garry should fuck off, they are totally right. And here’s some tweets I found which I thought would close the chapter on Garry the “human rights watcher.” But I was wrong.

Garry entering the world of doxxing

In the past, Garry has shown he was willing to unite with twitterers who favored MC (Molly Crabapple), almost forming a pro-MC front of sorts. Examples include responding directly to MC and to Chuckles of course. [12] He even allied with a Crabapple backer who worked in distributing US imperial propaganda in the past as noted in tweets here and here. In recent days he has said he wanted to smear EQ with something other than words, said he was being slandered, and stalked the TL of @rancidsassy (RS). Lest us remember that Garry is kinda obsessing over EQ, which is interesting since he accuses people of obsessing over MC, falsely claims that she is threatening journalists and calling her a murderer. Jeez. Perhaps all of this is related to his depression, which is as RS notes, a sad story but it doesn’t forgive his actions. Hard to know. At the same time, he find Melanie Trump attractive for some reason, and has a long series of tweets which are bit creepy in which he says he wants to marry an immigrant or non-US citizen, with a focus on a Russian girl, and this messed up tweet. Then he claimed that RS was lead-poisoned, which implies, as noted by his earlier tweet, that RS and critics of MC are just totally brainless beyond belief.

Recently he took another step. He began sharing private information with Chuckles, MC and others. In help with a user named @OzKaterji, he doxxed people who chose to stay anonymous. For Garry, he is ON RECORD as doxxing RK. If you can, report him for this. As for his friend, @OzKaterji, he claims to be a “real” journalist, mad at MC critics for pictures such as this one, and supports the actions of FEMEN (see here and here). [11] At one pint, even when RS was trying to be supportive Garry seemingly threatened RS with doxxing, declaring: “You are a really sad person to me. You can’t hide behind a computer screen any longer. Get used to it.” Clearly since I blocked him, the “desperate idiot,” he has become more wacko, so I regret nothing about that blocking since he can’t bother me anymore. Since I don’t want to perpetrate the dox, it is important to recognize that Oz, with the help of Garry, publicly revealed the names of five people who chose to be anonymous, three of which Oz called “anonymous twitter trolls” as the tweet, which I recently posted, shows:





A conclusion

I could continue on with this article but I think it is important to bring it to an honest conclusion. As we all know, this doxing/doxxing business, at least in recent memory, started with Crabapple outing EQ for purely political reasons, saying that she worked for a UN agency and was supposedly doing something heinous when she really was not. A good question to ask, as I did on twitter is who Garry, the “human rights watcher and his snievly friends, in concert with Crabapple and co., will dox next.” Its hard to know. But what is clear is that the pro-Crabapple forces, which may even be a limited characterization, are engaging in actions that reinforce the imperial status quo. Whether Garry and his friend Oz like it or not, they are reinforcing the aims of the murderous US empire. Likely they don’t care much that this is the case or are naive enough to think they are not reinforcing these objectives by giving fodder to the propaganda machine. Never once have these forces tried to dox bigots or racists, instead they dox those who criticize them and reside on the radical left. That is totally unacceptable. It is an open question in my mind if any form of doxxing is acceptable such as against racists and bigots, and if not, then there should be a strong stance against doxxing across the board no matter who it is. As those critical of the Celebrity Left which includes Glenn Greenwald, Deray, Molly Crabapple, and numerous others, there should be no backing down from criticism but instead there should be movement forward. Efforts by the Celebrity Left to reinforce the status quo with faux criticism should be opposed at all costs but this should not include using the same tactics used against comrades such as myself. That would be hypocrisy of the highest degree and would just give more ammunition to the forces in favor of the Celebrity Left. In the end, those on the critical and/or sensible left as some have called it, should oppose doxing, revealing it to show their true tactics, and to serve as a place of criticism and radical thought not available elsewhere. I look forward to your comments.


[1] In one tweet I found he condemned EQ claiming that “her job is puffy by global standards” and without evidence said “didn’t see her donating her large salary either.” He also said that “I don’t get it, Em didn’t even respond to the attack, scared for her puffy job likely.” Really starting to think he is a spy or something.

[2] Elsewhere he said the following in a tweet of his own that he favorited: “Mind you, I have never been a communist, but have felt they had some good arguments & materials, and also interesting reads on Twitter.” Also see these tweets related to this: here, here, and here. He also said in a statement that throws radical theory out the window the following: “Western communists should likely fall into this, not worthy of respect, but I don’t have as much experience. 99% hoarders & typical selfish.” Jeez, where does he get his information?

[3] In one tweet I found he said the following: “You’re right. I don’t feel huge sympathy for Emma though, no bad will happen to her.” What a heartless asshole who doesn’t feel anything for commies.

[4] He also used the term “clique” elsewhere to describe people who work at water utility companies who are apparently corrupt (see here and here). So I’m not sure if he even knows how he is using the term.

[5] Even my response to a tweet in which Garry claimed that people in the United States are “the most ethnocentric and self-centered people I’ve ever met, & I’ve met many. I’m hesitant of embracing any of them” did not trigger a response from him. Neither did my response to his comment about the US’s mass media market or my question to his strange tweet about a magical database he had heard of.

[6] In a classic Garryism he demanded that people who care about global starvation have a job “to be at the front of the debate-line to demand the 9 million get aid” with the number 9 million coming from the UN’s FAO apparently. That for one isn’t a democratic notion and it ignores WHO will get the aid. In another classic Garryism, he tweets that “it’s somewhat scary to me seeing Germany having a nationalistic government, diplomatic envoy, huge military on the rise – and a new bigotry.” How is only somewhat scary? What really scares him? This tweet really doesn’t make sense to me. Oh and lets not forget that despite the fact that Femen is a supposedly feminist organization run by an abusive man, as I noted on twitter, he supports them. Just see what he says: “I am a funny American, a part of this generation, who might hang out with Femen – but also support fairness towards Russia & minorities.” Still he took positions which seemed to take a positive view of the Syrian government (see here, here, here, and here). But this could just be posing. After all he has some strange views on the US Civil War which don’t mention black confederates. But hey, this is in his character when he, almost in a racist way, calls out “gang rapper profiteers” whatever that means. Don’t worry, he’ll tweet videos like this (also here, here, and here) which either is legit or not at all and claim that political correctness exists when it really doesn’t. Then he has strange tweets like this.

[7] This series of four tweets [here, here, here, and here] is the ONLY place he talks about this I could find.

[8] Just see this set of tweets (see here, here, here, here, and here, along with this one)  to prove this assessment. He ignores that rights to abortion and contraceptives has been under attack since the 1970s.

[9] You could argue that the US public is responsible for genocide especially of the indigenous people and the enslavement of thousands of black Africans. After all, the wealth of the United States is built on the blood, sweat and tears of Asian immigrants (especially Chinese and Japanese), enslaved blacks, indigenous people (by stealing their land), Mexican immigrants (especially after the war of 1846-8), and many others. However, what he is talking about is not genocide in the slightest.

[10] Later he favorited my response for no apparent reason.

[11] He also supports overthrow of Syria’s government, mad that his version of events isn’t being distributed by certain sources (also see here, here, and here), is part of some supposedly pro-refugee charity (also see here), is pro-intervention in Syria, and much more. He describes himself on his blog as “a writer, filmmaker, journalist, secularist and Scotch enthusiast who spends his time bouncing between London and the Middle East and binging on international politics.”

[12] I could get into the recent tweets of Chuckles but that is for another day. For that, see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.


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