Three years of the Leftist Critic and many more to go!

It has been a wild ride these past three years. In this post I aim to summarize what I’ve written since then, year by year, post by post.

Today is exactly three years since my first post on this blog, on January 18, 2016, titled “Imperialism besets Iran.” I focused on how Western imperialism was subverting Iran, which I would later refine in later years. Only ten days later I would churn out another, criticizing Black bourgeois personality, Ta Nehisi Coates. In the months to follow, I would criticize those who falsely called Star Wars “fascist,” write about some goof on Twitter, focus on surveillance in U$ society, and imagine a speech Bernie Sanders would give to his capitalist friends, working to tell the reality about this imperialistic social democrat. Following this, there would be articles posing an imagined scenario if Cuba was to be taken over by imperialists, highlighting the revolutionary history of Cuba, and saying that Iran was at the crossroads. Later I would pen two articles about celebrity whistleblower Edward Snowden, saying he was deceptively perceived and focusing on his ties to the CIA. Through the rest of the year I wrote on many more subjects. I countered those who said that the murderous empire was “bumbling,” criticized the corrupted nature of Saudi society and the inter-relationship with the empire, and wrote varied articles on Cuba. The latter focused on the legacy of Fidel Castro in fighting U$ imperialism, and asking where Cuba stood in the world as a whole. At the same time, I directly turned my focus to those who thought that the orange menace (Trump) was somehow good, and noting imperial propaganda. I also asked if Star Wars was really anti-fascist and concluded that it was not and wrote my first article on Soviet history.

In the following year, 2017, I expanded on my ideas and became even more strident. Apart from guessing the possible agenda of the upcoming U$ administration, I highlighted my efforts to write more about Soviet history, and criticized bourgeois peace activist David Swanson while tying in the story of the Soviets. If that wasn’t enough, I also wrote about Obama’s horrible and imperialist legacy, criticized the orange menace in his first days in office, and critically looked at the social democrat on the pedestal, Bernie Sanders. In these first few months of the year I directly stabbed at what some now call “Russiagate,” laughing at those who thought the orange menace was colluding with them, while criticizing the strategy of the orange menace to “fight” Daesh. On a related note, I wrote about armed resistance and gun control in the murderous empire. Like the previous year, I went even more international, focusing on topics away from the murderous empire, with a four-part series on Zimbabwe:

  1. “It is homeland or death”: From British colonialism to the Zimbabwean liberation war
  2. “It is homeland or death”: Final days of Zimbabwe’s liberation war and post-independence
  3. “It is homeland or death”: Breaking the neo-colonial chains in Zimbabwe
  4. “It is homeland or death”: The Zanu-PF on the rise once again!

In retrospect, I feel that my analysis of bourgeois nationalism in Zimbabwe could have been stronger, but I was mainly relying on Stephen Gowans as a basis for my argument while I would do more research outside that if I had to write it again. Perhaps if I had done that I could have realized that there would be a coup and/or disputing factions within the government itself.

As the year went on, I criticized the “Muslim ban” of the orange menace, while highlighting elections of deputies of the Supreme People’s Assembly, the unicameral parliament of Juche Korea, my first article on the country and focusing on a conference hosted by Iran in solidarity with the Palestinians. Additionally, I turned back to U$ imperialism, writing a biting criticism of H.R. McMaster, criticizing the naked act of aggression against Syria which manifested itself as a cruise missile strike, new posts on varied subjects, and asking if the Simpsons was dead or “zombified.” That wasn’t all. In light of the March for Science that year, I noted the role of science in capitalist society, criticized the proposed murderous sanctions on Juche Korea, and again laughed at the claim that there was a connection between the orange menace and the Russians. In later months, I wrote yet another criticism of Snowden, directly poked a hole in the myth that the Kurds are “revolutionary,” highlighted the wonders of the healthcare system in Juche Korea, and countered yet another reactionary leftist: Matt Taibbi. I did the same, in terms of other criticism, of Naomi Klein, a person who really is full of herself and is a brand.  Again, I focused on the conflict in Syria once again. I noted how U$ imperialism was “reipositioning” itself there and laughed at those pathetically trying to criticize my post on the “revolutionary” Kurds.

During the rest of the year, I wrote about the orange menace, murderous empire and bigotry in one post, and the case of Dennis Rodman in Juche Korea in another. As the year came to a close I wrote a flurry of articles about Zimbabwe, arguing that there was a counter-revolution occurring after Mugabe was ousted:

Then we come to last year, 2018. As the year began, I wrote an article analyzing the New Years speech by Chairman Kim Jong Un, accompanied by an article, later that month, arguing that Syria was fundamentally a socially democratic state, not a socialist one as  Stephen Gowans had argued. That wasn’t all. I wrote an article again criticizing reactionary leftists, this one focused on another celebrity whistleblower, Chelsea Manning who is sadly anti-communist and “anti-authority.” The same month I penned a number of other articles, one noting that the Zionist state inherently was an apartheid state, and importantly poking a hole at the imperialist myths about Juche Korea, saying that the state is democratic and does not have a “dynasty.” This was followed by an article, which  I wasn’t originally planning on, focusing on inherent capitalist violence in the murderous empire, “gun control” and armed resistance.

Since then, I wrote a 4-part series on the problematic U$ (and Western-backed) Kurds:

I then turned to a criticism of a television series I still like very much, The Simpsons, and connected it to Gramsci’s ideas on hegemony.

On another topic, I had a series of articles on Juche Korea or the DPRK which focused on Juche Korea’s non-isolation, the DPRK’s support of Venezuela, Mansudae Overseas Projects spreading the ideals of Juche across the world, the DPRK supporting socialist Cuba, the DPRK-Iran alliance, the DPRK’s support for Palestinian liberation, the DPRK-Syria alliance, and support of the Sandinistas by the DPRK. I also criticized when the orange menace canceled the one-on-one summit he was going to have with Kim Jong Un in a letter, siding with the reactionary imperialists. Later, in the aftermath of Kim’s meeting with the orange menace, I talked about possible detente between the U$ and DPRK, which still seems a long while off. In August I wrote while the victor of the Zimbabwean elections were being decided, noting how the proletariat of Zimbabwe will get effected by what happens.

Apart from this, I also gave suggestions for places fellow comrades can submit articles, wrote about a foundational aspect of Marxism, dialectical materialism, and talked about the writings I’ve put together which have been published on other websites. I also did a short post about “human rights” and imperialism. Additionally I published a two-part series about “free speech” in the U$, the first part about social media giants and the second part about the problems with bourgeois conception of “free speech.”

Later on in 2018 I focused on Zimbabwe once again and a new Kim-Moon summit, looking at the document published and what it meant. Both were important to recognize as a person, like myself, who is an internationalist. I also focused on the so-called socialist, Julia Salazar in a two-part article reposted on here (see part 1 and part 2)  but originally published on Dissident Voice, which criticized the DSA and this so-called socialist.

As the year winded down, I posted very infrequently on this blog, only writing two posts, while I mainly focused on interactions on Twitter and Reddit. The first of these posts was about the spread of capitalist hegemony, criticizing films by Zemeckis, while also praising films like Sorry to Bother You, critically looking at Dear White People, and other “black films.” The second these was not until two months later, focusing on re-calibration of U$ destabilization in Syria after the posited U$ withdrawal from the country by the orange  menace which is setting the stage for Turkey becoming a mercenary of the empire. I also did a post posing a scenario of Bernie’s imperialist monster in 2022. Additionally, at the beginning of the new year, 2019, I wrote a post criticizing someone who tried to defend certain Kurds, specifically those in Syria, with one of my best titles ever: “Systemic Dolackian Disorder: U$ imperialism and the Kurdish dilemma.”

In the meantime, I am going through the rest of the posts on this blog as a matter of self-criticism, a process which is taking a long time.